Housing Opportunities

This community has made it a priority to maintain at least 65% of  its workforce living locally. For example, Land Development Regulations now require that all new residential or commercial developments allocate a certain percentage of that development to "restricted", affordable housing for our workforce. Although the gap between the need and supply for affordable homes is still quite large, the Affordable Housing Department's aims to better support families and individuals that share our community values and have chosen to make Jackson Hole their home. If you're interested to learn more, click to read the full text of our 5-Year Housing Supply Plan.

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Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department’s Role

The Affordable Housing Department currently facilitates rentals and sales of two types of Homes:

Affordable Homes Income Range Chart for web

To be eligible for our Affordable Housing options, you must be in the 0% - 120% Median Family Income range (MFI) for your household size.  

Workforce Homes

If your household earnings are higher than 120% of the MFI, you may be eligible to enter the weighted drawing for a Workforce Home when one becomes available.

We also facilitate ownership of existing Attainable Homes, but this is a legacy program with no more homes being built.

How to Apply for a Home

1. Fill out our Online Intake Form

The first step in finding a home is to fill out our online Intake Form. Completing this Intake Form will add you to the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department’s database.

2. Pay attention to our e-mails and text notifications to see if any properties become available that you are eligible for and interested in.

Unless you check the opt out of receiving emails box, you will then receive an e-mail and/or text each time a new home becomes available.

3. Review our Application Process (below)

You do not have to wait for a home to become available to get started on our application process. In fact, we strongly encourage you to get started on your application in advance, particularly with the following items:

  • Verification of Previous Employment. If you have had multiple jobs in Teton County, this is something that you will want to get started on in advance. Verification of previous employment is not required, but it is to your benefit because the household will receive one entry into the weighted drawing for every proven year of consecutive, full-time employment. This only needs to be shown for one person in the household. The maximum number of entries a household can receive based on consecutive, full-time employment is 10. 
    • An Affidavit for Previous Employment is our preferred method of verification. 
    • Other possible forms of previous employment verification are listed here.  The goal is to be able to prove total annual income, and that the person has worked at least 1560 hours each year.
  • Verification of Self Employment.
  • Homebuyer Education Course - Ownership Only. One of the requirements to enter the weighted drawing for an Ownership unit is for one person in the household to complete the Homebuyer Education course. This is a self-paced, online course that costs $75 and can take between 3 - 6 hours. Once you obtain the certificate of completion, it never expires.

We understand that these applications take time and effort, and we do not want to disqualify you due to an oversight or misunderstanding about our process. When a weighted drawing is announced, please bring your applications in prior to the due date so that we have time to work with you, make corrections, and give feedback if anything is wrong.

4. Enter the Weighted Drawing for an available home:

One adult in the household must be able to verify at least one year of full time employment immediately prior to entering the weighted drawing. 

To learn about all other requirements, please click here.

You may not enter the weighted drawing for an Affordable home unless you have completed the online Intake Form prior to the drawing being announced. You are responsible for updating your Intake Form as changes in your status occur.  Please call us if you need to make a change to your online Intake Form after a weighted drawing has been announced.  

"....but I need a home right now!"

If you need to find a home immediately, please click here for other resources.