Cattleman's Bridge


Due to flooding in the Gros Ventre River in the Spring and Summer of 2017, Cattleman's Bridge on Spring Gulch Road had to be closed due to lack of stability and unsafe conditions. 

The bridge was closed in June of 2017. Analysis, construction, and repairs could not take place until the river receded to workable levels.

A temporary, signal-controlled, one-way crossing was constructed and opened in December of 2017, and construction of a new, permanent bridge will proceed in the Spring and Summer of 2018. The Wyoming Department of Transportation has a stated goal of completing the project no later than October. 

Update - 6/21/18

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) and Teton County would like to advise local residents that crews have reevaluated the schedule for the Cattleman’s bridge and are working towards opening the bridge sometime this weekend. The bridge will be open to single lane traffic by Monday morning, June 24. The original date for the opening was delayed due to heavy rains and thunderstorms and additional work on utilities and manhole adjustments.

The old bridge was closed for construction and replacement, while a temporary bridge was placed to carry traffic. However, the temporary bridge was closed in late May, due to unsafe conditions and potential catastrophic failure of the temporary structure due to the scouring and sinking of one of the structure’s piers.

The contract was awarded to Reiman Corp. in October for $3.8 million. The Teton County bridge is located on Spring Gulch Road north of Jackson. The project is part WYDOT’s Bridge Replacement Off System program where WYDOT partners with local counties to replace deficient bridges off the state highway system.

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Update - 6/18/18

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has announced that Cattleman's Bridge will be open to one-way, signal-controlled traffic by the end of the day on Wednesday, June 20, 2018. The bridge will remain open while the final components of construction work on the bridge are completed. 

Update - 6/1/18

High water levels on the Gros Ventre River from spring runoff caused scouring (erosion) and ultimately the failure of one of the temporary bridge's structure piers, forcing complete closure of the temporary crossing due to unsafe conditions.

The bridge is closed to all traffic, including pedestrians. 

WYDOT and contract crews are re-tasking workers to accelerate work on the new, permanent structure, with the goal of opening the new bridge by early July or sooner.

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