Aircraft Information

Wyoming Statute 39-13-107 requires that all personal property for a business in Teton County be reported to the Assessor`s office by March 1 of the tax-reporting year for the purpose of taxation. Personal property consists of all furniture, fixtures and equipment necessary to conduct your business including aircraft. Attached is a declaration listing aircraft owned and operated by you in Teton County, Wyoming as reported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to the Wyoming Department Of Revenue and subsequently reported to Teton County Assessor.

To insure that a proper value is placed on each aircraft, it is in the interest of the owner to list as much information as possible. This information will establish the tables used in arriving at a value for tax purposes.

Personal Aircraft Use Requirements

At the beginning of the year the FAA sends the assessor a list of all registered aircraft owners in Teton County which will receive an Aircraft Declaration that must be filled out and sent back to the Assessor's Office on or before March 1 for the current year.

If your aircraft is used solely for personal use the Aircraft Declaration also includes a Request for Aircraft Exemption which must be filled out, notarized and accompany the declaration when it is sent back to the Assessors Office in order for the request to be considered. By default all aircraft will be put on the tax roll and taxed as such until we receive a valid exemption request. Failure to return the declaration where an exemption is applicable in the allotted time will result in taxes due.


Below are links to the cover letter and declaration in the event you did not receive yours or need additional copies to list all your aircraft.