Child Support

All child support payments are received and recorded in the statewide POSSE system overseen by the Wyoming Department of Family Services State Disbursement Unit. Visit the Department of Family Services website or contact the SDU directly at 307-777-5300 or toll free at 888-570-5300.

Child Support Self Service Portal

A self service portal is now available on the State Disbursement Unit website and is intended to provide online services for custodial and paying parents which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To sign up you will need your personal Posse ID (PID Number ) to create your account. Contact our office with questions.

The portal enables the Custodial Parent (person receiving support) and Paying Parent to view the following information:

  • The CP will be able to see a listing of all warrants (payments) they have received on a case
  • Current balance(s) due, arrears balance, payments made, amount of current obligation
  • Current support order, amount due for current child support, cash medical, and/or the area plan
  • Names, dates of birth, ages of all the kids listed on the case along with who is ordered to provide health insurance, if anyone


For technical questions regarding access to the Portal please contact the SDU directly by phone at 307-777-5300 or toll free at 888-570-9914. For questions regarding the content displayed in the Portal you may call SDU or our office at 307-733-2533.

Statutory Child Support Guidelines

The statutory child support guidelines include but are not limited to: W.S.S. 20-2-301 through 20-2-315. The abatement statute W.S.S. 20-2-305 reviews circumstances in which a non-custodial parent can claim an abatement of support related to visitation periods.