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What is the Housing Department's compliance role?

Annual Verification and Check-in: 

Affordable & Workforce Rentals- Verify all Affordable and Workforce rental housing units comply with the requirements of their recorded restriction

Workforce Ownership- Verify that owners of Workforce Units are complying with the requirements of their recorded restriction

Affordable Ownership- Owners of Affordable Units built or purchased after June 4, 2018 receive annual check-in request for employment, occupancy, and to ensure there is no ownership of residential real estate within 150 miles of Teton County.

Active Compliance:

Staff investigates complaints received about the use of restricted units. The Housing Department appreciates the community's help in reporting potential violations.

Existing Development Assistance:

Staff assists homeowners and HOA Boards when needed so that they can understand their CCRs, deed Restrictions, Ground Leases, and Housing Rules and Regulations.

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