Millward Redevelopment

Development Summary

Millward Redevelopment of Teton Village Road


The Millward Re-development is a 49 unit affordable housing neighborhood located on 8.3 acres on the Moose-Wilson Road next to Calico Restaurant. The site was originally Vista View Trailer Park. The Millward family sold the primary portion of the property to TCHA, hence the name.

The property was subdivided using the Planned Unit Development - Affordable Housing and platted on October 21, 2003 as Plat No. 1097. A condition of approval was no dogs.  

Lot #5 was transferred to Habitat to construct a home.  

Year Built

TCHA completed construction on Millward Neighborhood in 2004.    


Duplexes and single-family homes on lots ranging in size from .38 - .74 acres.


Affordable Categories 1 - 3


TCHA with SPET funds to purchase the land and develop the housing.




The restriction on these homes is a Ground Lease.


This development is a part of the Millward Homeowner’s Association and the Village Road Improvement and Service District provide potable water and sewer.