Wilson Meadows - Primrose Development

Development Summary

Primrose Neighborhood


The Primrose development is part of Wilson Meadows, a Planned Residential Development located in Wilson and approved prior to the adoption of the 1995 land development regulations. The developer conveyed land to TCHA to build eight (8) units of affordable housing on Lots 65 to 72.

Wilson Meadows was platted on December 2, 1997 as Plat No. 916. This 75 lot development contains a mix of market lots ranging in size from .25 to  2.6 acres with attainable lots and affordable homes. Lot 76 was further subdivided into affordable housing units known as Wilson Third and one Attainable Lot 79.

Year Built

TCHA completed construction on the Primrose Affordable Housing Neighborhood and sold the homes in late 1999.    


Single-family homes on lots ranging in size from .09 to .13 acres.




TCHA with the land as an Incentive as this development was approved prior to Affordable/Employee housing regulations being adopted.  




The restriction on these homes is a Deed Restriction. There is a 30 year sunset on these homes.


This development is a part of the Wilson Meadows Homeowner’s Association.