How do I prepare for my court date?

The most important thing to do in getting ready for your Court appearance is to know the exact date and time of your trial (hearing) and to be there on time.

You should get together any papers, documents, bills, receipts or pictures that might have something to do with the case, and you should bring them with you when you appear for your trial. You must bring 3 copies of all material you wish to submit to the Judge as evidence (one copy, preferably the original, for the Judge; one copy for yourself; and one copy for your opposing party). You may also bring witness; people who can help explain why you are entitled to the money you are suing for. Make sure your witnesses know the exact date and time for the trial, and then make sure they show up!

If you need to have a witness subpoenaed, in the event that he or she will not appear voluntarily, ask the Clerk for a subpoena. This must be done no less than 5 days before your trial date. You will need an exact physical address for the witness, and the Sheriff’s Office will charge you $50 to serve each subpoena.

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