Environmental Health


Environmental Health staff protect the public's health by providing the following services:

  • Regulation of food and beverage establishments
  • Regulation of commercial pools and spas
  • Regulation of child care facility sanitation
  • Training for restaurant and food service staff and pool and spa operators
  • Information and resources for a healthy home and environment

Body Art Establishments & Practitioners

The purpose of the Body Art regulations is to establish the safe and sanitary practice of body art, the safe and sanitary physical environment where body art is performed.

Child Care Facilities

The safety and health of the children you will care for is the main focus of Child Care Licensing.

Environmental Health Educational Resources

Discover resources for Environmental Health education.

Environmental Health Fee Schedule

Please check the new fee schedule for Teton County Public Health Department’s Environmental Health Division.

Food Service Establishments

Teton Health District Rules for Food Safety 2014 require food establishments to post specific information for customers.

Pools & Spas: Public Use

Owners of public pools or spas must obtain a Wyoming Pool/Spa license to operate the pool or spa.

Public Health Facility Inspection Reports

The purpose of the inspections is to verify that establishments are following code requirements.

Radon Information & Test Kits

Teton County Environmental Health now has short term radon detection kits available for purchase at Teton County Environmental Health.

Temporary Food Service Establishments

Temporary Food Licenses are required if you will be preparing or serving food at a temporary event in Teton County.

Water Lab

EPA certified water laboratory-testing public/private drinking water and public pools/spas for harmful bacteria.