About Lodging Tax

Background & Purpose

About: The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Joint Powers Board (JHTTB) is dedicated to developing a healthy economy that preserves Jackson Hole’s natural capital, provides a quality visitor experience, and enhances the wellbeing of the community. The JHTTB is a seven-member volunteer board appointed by elected officials from the Town of Jackson and Teton County. 

In the State of Wyoming, a 5% lodging tax is collected on every visitor’s hotel, motel, and rental property stays; 3% is managed by the Wyoming Office of Tourism, and 2% stays in Teton County. 60% of these local funds are managed by the JHTTB for destination marketing, tourist education, events, and other tourism-related initiatives as outlined in the Wyoming State Statutes. The balance (40%) is managed by the Town of Jackson and Teton County, primarily to mitigate the impacts of tourism on infrastructure and services.


To effectively spend lodging tax funds to promote travel and tourism to Teton County in a manner that is consistent with the shared values of our community. The JHTT-JPB’s actions will reflect stewardship of our natural resources, highlight our outstanding assets and amenities, and strive toward sustainability.


As a world leader in responsible tourism, the JHTT-JPB is dedicated to developing a healthy and vibrant fall, winter, and spring economy that preserves our natural capital and enhances the well-being of our community.