Access Assistance

Please contact our office to discuss your specific access and assistance questions at (307) 733-2533.


  • Access to the courthouse is available via a wheelchair ramp and automated door.
  • There is elevator access to the 2nd floor (Clerk of District Court Office, District Court Office and the District Court courtroom).
  • Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on the 1st floor of the courthouse and the district court jury deliberation room.
  • The WY Supreme Court has a Judicial Branch American with Disabilities (ADA) Act Public Access Policy and ADA Modification Request Form.

Hearing Assistance 

  • We have hearing assistance devices for use during hearings and trials

Court Interpreters

  • The court uses a variety of language resources for parties that require court interpretation during hearings. 
  • Resources may include staffed interpreters, contract interpreters and/or a language line.
  • Interpretation assistance has to be requested, arranged, and approved by the court in advance. 
  • Please file a Notice Requesting Court Interpreter a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the hearing for which it is requested.
  • For more information on court interpreters go to the Supreme Court website.
  • The WY Supreme Court also has a Sign Language Interpreter policy.  

Bilingual Deputy Clerk (Spanish/English)

  • Our office currently has a bilingual deputy clerk on staff.

Legal Assistance