Exterior Lighting Violations

The purpose of the exterior lighting section of the Land Development Regulations (PDF) is to allow necessary and reasonable lighting of property for safety and security while eliminating or reducing the nuisance and hazards of excessive light and glare. 


Outdoor light fixtures shall have a total cut-off of light at an angle less than 90 degrees and shall be located so that the bare bulb, lamp or light source is completely shielded from direct view from the perimeter of the illuminated area.

Outside light attached to a building

In short, this means that the fixture should be shielded so you cannot see the light bulb unless standing directly under it and the fixture should be pointed straight down. The fixture should be shielded with a frosted glass or an opaque surface so you cannot see the light bulb. 

There is also a maximum number of lumens of exterior lighting permitted, relative to the amount of site development. See Land Development Regulation Section 5.3.1 (PDF) for the specifics for each zone.

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