Assessment Details

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Community Health Status Assessment

Collected and analyzed quantitative information on health conditions in the community through 143 indicators covering demographics, socioeconomics, health behaviors, morbidity, mortality, mental health, health resource availability, communicable diseases, injury, and environmental conditions.

Community Themes & Strengths Assessment

Compiled qualitative data that describes community members’ perceptions of health and quality of life, and identified health issues that are important to the community. Data were collected through surveys and focus groups.

Forces of Change Assessment

Gathered community input on the overarching factors, trends, and events that were currently affecting Teton County, had potential to affect Teton County, or had previous affected Teton County. Data were collected through a facilitated meeting with community partners.

Local Public Health System Assessment

Assessed the community’s performance in the 10 Essential Public Health Services as defined by the Center for Disease Control. Data were collected using the National Public Health Performance Standards Local Assessment Instrument over a series of four meetings with community partners.
Local Public Health System Assessment Score Sheet with Prioritization
Teton County Partner Tool Write-up