Maximum Affordable Rental Rates

The maximum monthly rental rates for Affordable Rental Units are calculated by taking 30% of the low end of the income range and dividing by 12. The low end of the 0 - 50% income range is 30% of the median income. To determine rates for different bedroom counts in units, one person per bedroom is used. For example a two person household is assumed for a two bedroom unit and a three person household is assumed for a three bedroom unit. Studios are 15% less than one bedroom unit rates.

The Income Range Chart can be found here.

All rental rates include basic utilities (electric/gas, water/sewer) and trash removal.

Historical Maximum Affordable Rental Rates 2017 - 2023


Effective May 15, 2023 until updated by HUD in 2024

0 - 50%50% - 80%80% - 120%
3-bedroom $862$1,437$2,299